About Us

Our team is committed to always seeking advancement through professional development and fostering imagination. We encourage creative revolution and constantly strive for greatness.

  • LinkedInmike2 (2)
    Michael Merchant


  • angela
    Angela Merchant

    Vice President

  • LinkedIndenise
    Denise Martinez

    Dir. of Talent Management

  • LinkedInaly
    Aly Lischer

    Assoc. Dir. of Marketing & Sales

  • LinkedIndavid
    David Rountree

    Finance Manager

  • LinkedIndanny
    Danny Petrovich

    Exec. Director of UX

  • LinkedInjosh
    Josh Grieve

    Sr. UX Product Designer

  • LinkedInfede
    Federico Casanova

    UX Product Designer

  • LinkedInkathy
    Kathy Mayr

    Senior Producer

  • LinkedIntim
    Timothy Austin

    Project Manager

  • nollan
    Nollan Morrison

    Engineering Manager

  • LinkedInRuen
    Ruen Dineros

    Engineering Manager

  • LinkedInwesley
    Wesley Moy

    Technical Lead

  • LinkedInzane
    Zane Hooper

    Technical Lead