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We’re creative techies that help craft digital experiences and enterprise solutions for global brands. Our unique capabilities, diversity of expertise, and spirit of collaboration has helped us during these uncertain times. This is why Codazen is a trusted partner of top companies. From responsive website design to custom software engineering to leveraging advanced technologies, our customers are able to stay calm and sleep at night knowing that Codazen helps them bring it all together.

Mike Merchant-wfh
Michael Merchant

President & CEO

Ruen Dineros-wfh
Ruen Dineros


Shannelle Sanchez-wfh
Shannelle Sanchez

Facilities & Events Coordinator

Elaine Pantleo-wfh
Elaine Pantleo

Technical Recruiter

Danny Petrovich

Exec. Creative Director

Gwen Pacifico-wfh
Gwen Pacifico

Assoc. Copywriter

Josh Grieve

Sr. UX/Product Designer

Kathy Mayr

Project Management

Dana Popovici-L
Dana Popovici

Project Manager

Madhu Nammi-L
Madhu Nammi

Assoc. Project Manager

Codi McEldowney-L
Codi Saad

Manager, Agile

Timothy Austin-L
Timothy Austin

Scrum Master

Mina Khairzada-L
Mina Khairzada

Scrum Master

Michael Nussbaum

Product Management

Jason Almaraz-L
Jason Almaraz

Assoc. Product Owner

Jessica Tran-L
Jessica Tran

Assoc. Product Owner

Michael Blum-L
Michael Blum

Data Scientist

Mitchell Pudil-L2
Mitchell Pudil

Associate Manager, Data Science

Sumanth Vijayaraghavan-L
Sumanth Vijayaraghavan

Engineering Manager

Varshini Sampath-L
Varshini Sampath

Sr. Full-Stack Engineer

Abhi Kumar-L
Abhi Kumar

Full-Stack Engineer

Huzaifa Aejaz-L
Huzaifa Aejaz

Full-Stack Engineer

Mourya Basavaraj-L
Mourya Basavaraj

Full-Stack Engineer

Elton Dan-L
Elton Dan

Assoc. Full-Stack Engineer

Joseph Horman-L
Joseph Horman

Assoc. Full-Stack Engineer

Luca Gazzola-L
Luca Gazzola

Assoc. Full-Stack Engineer

Tyson Smith-L
Tyson Smith

Assoc. Full-Stack Engineer

Jon Yang-L
Jon Yang

Assoc. Front End Engineer

Joseph An-L
Joseph An

Assoc. Front End Engineer

Steve Benedict-L
Steve Benedict

Assoc. Front End Engineer

Brad Weldy-L2
Brad Weldy

Web Developer

Greg Croom-L
Greg Croom

Web Developer

Joe Rhoney-L
Joe Rhoney

Web Developer

Mario Melchor-L
Mario Melchor

Senior Web Developer

Pegah Farajian-L
Pegah Farajian

Web Developer

Roshan Mahavithanage-L2
Roshan Mahavithanage

Web Developer

Shane Quiroz

Web Developer

Thao Vo-L
Thao Vo

Web Developer

Collin Stewart

Assoc. Web Developer

David Lee

Assoc. Web Developer

Kingsley Ramos

Assoc. Web Developer

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