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Server-Side Rendering with Universal JavaScript for Relay Applications

Feb 27 2017

Server-side rendering with JavaScript has been getting a lot of hype recently. Here’s how you can use Relay universally with isomorphic-relay-router.

Relay Web App Starter Kit Released

Feb 23 2017

The Codazen team works on lots of web applications for clients as well as internal projects used for training. Since we’re always kicking off new projects, we decided to put together a web…

Strategies for Creating a Web Application Starter Kit

Feb 22 2017

A starter kit provides users a base of technologies and tools that they can expand to fit the needs of the project. It allows for projects to be created consistently and efficiently since they already have the technologies that will most likely be integrated and an example of how to use them. It is quick to setup and allows for developers to hit the ground running.

Choosing a GraphQL Client: Apollo vs. Relay

Sep 08 2016

You’re likely here because you’ve heard about GraphQL, the groundbreaking new way to fetch data for your applications. Maybe you’ve figured out how to set up a basic GraphQL server. (If not, check out these great articles.) Now, you’ve got to pick a client that takes advantage of your shiny new GraphQL server.