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Georg Fischer

Industry: Manufacturing & Industrial

Georg Fischer is a leading manufacturer of piping systems. Codazen has created a variety of versatile web & mobile applications to help them cut costs, save time, and manage their marketing efforts.

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Your Business Matters

Industry: Professional Services

YourBusinessMatters is a provider of easy-to-use online tax tools to help any tax professional grow and develop their business. Codazen was selected to build a suite of business applications, including a dynamic online calendar scheduler and a customer relationship management portal, which features varying levels of security access.

Kelley Blue Book

Industry: Consumer Car Market

Kelley Blue Book has been the decisive leader in providing consumer information for new and used vehicles since 1918. When they wanted a powerful new tool to show market data, they consulted with Codazen. Codazen supplemented their in-house development team to create the stunning Reality Check, which helps consumers find the Fair Purchase Price® of new cars.

Tidal Tank

Industry: Industrial

Tidal Tank is a leading provider of rental solutions for petrochemical storage across the nation. Together with Codazen, TidalTrak—a cross-platform Sencha-based software application—was developed to allow Tidal Tank and its partners to easily track rented equipment and update rental information.


Industry: Education

Trinity Law School was looking for an integrated online student portal to manage all of their student services. Codazen was able to deliver it all in one convenient application. The application features management of profiles, registration, classes, schedules, calendars, book lists, and grades.

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Software services to keep
your business turning.

Our Services

With decades of combined experience and a wealth of business and technical knowledge, our team specializes in delivering cutting edge technology services to reach customers and power businesses.

Our Services

With over a decade of professional project experience and a wealth of business and technical knowledge, our team specializes in delivering cutting-edge technology services to reach customers and to power businesses.

We embrace the HTML5 Revolution.

It's time to think forward.

HTML5 is ready now—and it's changing how you see the web. At Codazen, we realize the unbridled potential for delivering rich, engaging user experiences through applications developed in HTML5.

Global device & browser support.

If you need to develop fast, expressive apps for desktop, web, and mobile, then you need a technology that works consistently across those platforms. HTML5 is the only technology that will run on all major mobile platforms.

What we can do:

  • Create immersive, interactive content
  • Design HTML5 animations and advertising
  • Develop HTML5 web & mobile apps

End-to-end enterprise-grade applications.

In the modern digital era, enterprise applications must be able to quickly adapt and compete in a rapidly changing landscape. When it comes to choosing a technology system, we understand how difficult it is to get an entire organization on the same page. To help make the transition to a new technology smoother, Codazen offers a range of enterprise suites customized with learnability in mind. Using the most current technologies, our team of developers are able to build user-friendly software solutions to get your business organized, centralized, and operating at maximum efficiency.

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Down-to-earth approach.
Out-of-this-world results.

Our proven process brings you winning results.

We have dedicated years to crafting and delivering the most comprehensive software solutions to our clients. And at the heart of our philosophy is our agile and iterative approach, which allows us to incorporate feedback at every stage of the process.

Much like a musical riff, the Codazen Process brings together all of the individual core elements of developing great software and fuses them into a rhythmically smooth process. The result is the perfect tone of clean and modern deliverables for your project and the best solutions for your business.


Software starts with an idea and a vision that will change the way you do business. Through brainstorm sessions, research, and careful planning, we figure out what’s most important and where we need to go to refine your initial idea.

Requirements Gathering. What you want in a final product is what matters. We discuss the big picture all the way down to the little details in order to better understand the full scope of your project.

User Research. Before we start coding, we gather pertinent data on your target audience in order to better develop with your users in mind.

Strategic Planning. Together, we conduct comprehensive product planning by drawing a roadmap of major features and challenging obstacles. We then brainstorm solutions to overcome those obstacles in order to deliver your desired product.

Create & Perfect

Building your product entails so much more than coding; it requires a creative eye, logical decision-making, and a strong understanding of what you’re trying to get across to your users.

Design. We storyboard and wireframe each screen of your application. After you review the materials and give us the green light, we start on phase 2: development.

Development. From front-end user interface design (i.e., what people see) to back-end coding (i.e., what makes everything run), our team develops for security and superior user experiences.

Quality Assurance. Making sure your product works the way it should requires keen eyes and multiple testing sessions. Our internal QA team checks through each avenue of your project to ensure proper functionality.

Delivery & Support

Delivery is more than handing off the finished project to you. We believe in fully executing the release for your company and users, whether that involves deployment, additional updates, or corporate training.

Full Deployment Support. We can easily distribute your app to all major app stores, deploy it to the cloud, or deploy it to your own internal servers.

Version Updates. In need of an upgrade or a tweak? We provide a variety of custom updates and enhancements depending on your specific needs.

Training & Implementation. We handle consulting sessions and training seminars to get your team or organization completely up to speed on new software.

Let's create together.

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Great software is our craft.

Our Values.

Codazen is focused exclusively on providing web and mobile development and consulting services. Since 2007, our strong focus and values have allowed us to build solid client relationships with many leading companies.

  • Customer service is of paramount importance. We are always here to ensure your satisfaction.
  • We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do.
  • We take great pride in the professional quality of our work.
  • We encourage a culture of constant professional development, collaboration, and creativity.
  • Our people are at the core of our business and make great innovations in software possible.

What does Codazen mean?

In music, a coda is a passage that brings a movement to a conclusive finish, helping the listener to reflect on and fully soak up the entire composition.

At Codazen, we have applied the core concept of coda to our way of business. Just like musical composers, our developers seek to bring you through the software development cycle from the beginning all the way to the zen-like end.

Our coda philosophy in action: Using our proven Harmony™ process, we efficiently take you through the software development life cycle from conception to deployment.

Meet the Founder.

Michael H. Merchant, CEO

Michael has been professionally consulting and developing software for over 15 years. He has led teams at some of Southern California's most prominent companies including Kaiser Permanente, Southern California Edison, and Kelley Blue Book.

He leads the Codazen team to build what many believe is impossible. By striving to create an atmosphere of open creativity, personal and professional development, and collaboration, he pushes his team to produce visionary software solutions.

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Experience the

We believe in Work | Life balance.

At Codazen, we are like a second family—a family that throws festive potlucks and Nerf warfare. Our friendly, collaborative teams of knowledge-seekers and challenge-takers believe in working smart, playing hard, and dreaming big. If you want to be part of a culture that empowers you to innovate with new technologies and color outside the lines, then take a look at our open positions and get in touch!

The Perks

  • Casual work atmosphere
  • Competitive pay and comprehensive benefits
  • Free drinks and snacks
  • Corporate outings and group events
  • Great learning environment with tremendous growth opportunity

How to Apply

Interested in joining a team that values creativity as much as you do? Then visit our job board.

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