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What We Do

Codazen is a custom software development & consulting firm
specializing in web technologies

Some Technologies We Use

We love working with the latest JavaScript frameworks. Currently, our favorite tech stack is MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and NodeJS. We’ve also had experience working with tons of other web technologies in the past. If you’re curious, feel free to ask!


Why Choose Us?

“What is the best part about working with Codazen? The people! Love, love, love them. So smart.”

– Julie Barie, Conference Director
Western Economic Association International

Who We Are

We are a team of smart, passionate people that love software and have a knack for solving difficult problems. We are always up for a challenge – putting our creative minds together to learn, improve, and transform businesses through technology.

Some Fun Facts About Codazen

Nerf battles initiated
Figurines collected
Average cost per hour


Our Latest Posts

<center>Web Components Will Be the Future of Web Development</center>

Web Components Will Be the Future of Web Development

Jul 02 2015

If you’ve ever created a cool feature for your interface and then had to copy-paste the markup into a dozen files, you’ve run into one of the basic limitations of…

<center>You Kan Do It With Kanban!</center>

You Kan Do It With Kanban!

Apr 06 2015

What is This Alien Term? Kanban [kahn-bahn] is likely a word you haven’t used unless you’re familiar with technology or manufacturing. It’s the “just in time” process introduced by Toyota,…

<center>Measure Twice, Cut Once</center>

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Mar 31 2015

As companies have come to adopt agile as the preferred software development methodology, many of the more traditional business roles have been removed from the team makeup. Within Scrum, primary…

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