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Codazen is a custom software development & consulting firm
specializing in web technologies

Some Technologies We Use

We love working with the latest JavaScript frameworks. Currently, our favorite tech stack is MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and NodeJS. We’ve also had experience working with tons of other web technologies in the past. If you’re curious, feel free to ask!


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“What is the best part about working with Codazen?
The people! Love, love, love them. So smart.”

– Julie Barie, Conference Director
Western Economic Association International

Who We Are

We are a team of smart, passionate people that love software and have a knack for solving difficult problems. We are always up for a challenge – putting our creative minds together to learn, improve, and transform businesses through technology.

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Our Latest Posts

Configuring Webpack Middleware

Configuring Webpack Middleware

Mar 13 2017

Webpack Configuration Webpack is an amazing tool you should probably learn to use if you haven’t already started. In theory, webpack sounds great, bundling all your code and assets, and…

Server-Side Rendering with Universal JavaScript for Relay Applications

Server-Side Rendering with Universal JavaScript for Relay Applications

Feb 27 2017

Server-side rendering with JavaScript has been getting a lot of hype recently. Here’s how you can use Relay universally with isomorphic-relay-router.

Relay Web App Starter Kit Released

Relay Web App Starter Kit Released

Feb 23 2017

The Codazen team works on lots of web applications for clients as well as internal projects used for training. Since we’re always kicking off new projects, we decided to put together a web…

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