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Rethinking the Codazen Brand Experience

By Mike Merchant / March 29, 2023
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Over the past 16 years, our company has dramatically expanded in size and capabilities. We’ve spent the past year assessing the huge breadth of work we’ve done, figuring out what we are good at, and making sure that we could clearly articulate our story. We engaged the branding agency, Ignyte, for their creativity, expertise and external perspective. Our expert team of strategists, designers, and engineers have worked together to execute this rebrand and relaunch of We’re excited to show you all the changes we’ve made.

Seeing “Digital” in 5 Seconds 

Our employees loved our previous logo. I loved our previous logo. It was rich and complex and steeped in meaning. I could talk for 15 minutes about all the meaning behind it. It was hard for us to change. So why did we change it?

As a digital innovation company, we want people to recognize and remember the “digital” nature of our brand within 5 seconds. We don’t have 15 minutes to explain it. In addition, we needed to convey the premium, global scale of our services.

With that goal in mind, our designers crafted our new logo, using monospaced, condensed typography to give an upscale, exclusive feel to the brand, while reinforcing the digital aspects of the work we do.



The cursor line on the logo pays homage to command-line interfaces and text editors and teases what’s to come. The cursor is where thoughts become code, where ideas become copy – an origin point for creativity, for value creation, and a source of constant change.

Using this dynamic nature of the cursor, we also designed a simple typing transition from the full logo into an icon form. Once we started riffing off these concepts, there was no turning back. If you want to excel at innovation, you need to practice the art of letting go.




New Color Scheme

With our new branding also comes a new color scheme. We used our proprietary generative AI color tool (we’ll be sharing more on that next week) to choose a color palette that matched emotive words like: zen (90.3%), confident (89.4%), and agile (88.2%) – a word that has an appropriate and special meaning in our line of work. Smart, clear, and modern also ranked high.



Expanded Capabilities



We believe in technology for good. And we want every digital experience to be frictionless and fulfilling.

To achieve this, we’ve focused on three key offerings:

Innovation Strategy - Guiding businesses to better understand what the customers of tomorrow will expect.

Digital Platforms - Utilizing digital platforms that are built for ROI, performance and scalability.

Connected Experiences - Building elevated, omnichannel experiences that build brand equity and connect with customers. 

Codazen: Rethink Experience

Our team of dedicated strategists, designers, and developers help businesses rethink their strategies for the economies of the future. We engineer ways to rethink the limits of digital platforms for the complex needs of global enterprises. And by helping the world’s most innovative brands reevaluate the possibilities of the digital landscape, we help people rethink experience.

Check out our new website and see firsthand how we rebranded the Codazen experience. If you need help elevating your brand experience or digital strategy, get in touch with us.

We’re excited for this new chapter of our company’s story. We’d love to help you and your business start a new chapter of your own.

How can we elevate your brand experience?

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